We provide individual coaching to leaders, managers, and decision makers. We help leaders develop effective leadership skills, set and reach career and individual goals, develop effective teams, overcome organizational change barriers, and maintain work-life balance. Before coaching any client, we draw up an agreement describing  objectives that a leader desires to attain. For instance:

– An organization has not had a formalized employee evaluation process. The CEO and Executive team are implementing 360 degree evaluation, and are encountering resistance and anxiety from employees. The Pontis Group will guide and support CEO while he/ she leads the organization through a new evaluation implementation process.

– New CEO is struggling building relationships with his/her Executive Team, and the Executive Team members are resistant to a new strategy. CEO needs support and guidance to achieve “buy in” from Executive Team and carry out the strategy. The Pontis Group will help CEO to boost her/his confidence in the process  and enhance skills to work with resistance.

– The leader has overall strong “people management and development” skills, but struggles keeping employees accountable, which negatively affects the bottom line. The Pontis Group will coach CEO on keeping a balance between support and accountability and will suggest specific strategies to increase accountability within an organization.

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